Song On The Radio  (Album Version)

Song On The Radio (Album Version)

3 Colours Red

So change the ninety-nine
Into a hundred.
A crack in your grand design
Coming up under,
And take you high over
Your brightest nova
Until we come again,
Nothing can stop us.
I see you run again... away and
High over...your brightest nova.

A transmission to be heard
Till the frequency's inbred,
So cry no tears.
Show no fears.

This is the song on your radio.
This is the picture on your screen.
This is the song on your radio,
So get it alive
'cause I don't know what I'm supposed to feel...

Us children of the brave,
Lost in the new world,
Getting ready for the confrontation;
The aggravation.


No... don't get to close.
They're collagen implants.
So... beautiful; you're ugly.


Get it alive...

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