30 Seconds to Mars

I won't suffer, be broken
Get tired or wasted
Surrender to nothing
Or give up what I started
And stop this
From end to beginning
A new day is coming
And I am finally free

Run away, run away
I'll attack
Run away, run away
Go change yourself
Run away, run away
I'll attack, I'll attack, I'll attack

I would've kept you forever
But we had to sever
It ended for both of us
Faster than a,
Kill off this thinking
It's starting to sink in
I'm losing control now
Without you I can finally see.


Your promises
They look like lies
Your honesty
Like a back that hides a knife
I promise you
I promise you
I am finally free


Written by LETO, JARED
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing

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