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1If I'd Been The One.38 Special
1Rockin' Into The Night.38 Special
2Back Where You Belong.38 Special
2Stone Cold Believer.38 Special
3Teacher, Teacher.38 Special
3Money Honey.38 Special
4Somebody Like You.38 Special
4Hold On Loosely.38 Special
5Long Time Gone.38 Special
5Like No Other Night.38 Special
6Take Me Back.38 Special
6Back To Paradise.38 Special
7Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.38 Special
7Rock & Roll Strategy.38 Special
8Fantasy Girl.38 Special
8Second Chance.38 Special
9Hittin' & Runnin'.38 Special
9The Sound Of Your Voice.38 Special
10Caught Up In You.38 Special
10Last Thing I Ever Do.38 Special
11Chain Lightnin'.38 Special
11Rebel To Rebel.38 Special
12Rough Housin'.38 Special
12Fade To Blue.38 Special
13You Keep Runnin' Away.38 Special
13Deja Voodoo.38 Special
14Prisoners Of Rock 'N' Roll.38 Special
14Homeless Guitar.38 Special
15Twentieth Century Fox.38 Special
15Saving Grace.38 Special
16Long Distance Affair.38 Special
16Just One Girl.38 Special
17One Time For Old Times.38 Special
18Take 'Em Out.38 Special

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