69 Boyz

{ } = the fellas
( ) = the ladies

Chorus [2x]:
{Here kitty-kitty, here kitty-kitty-kittyyyyy!}
Aw, kitty kitty!
{Here kitty-kitty, here kitty-kitty-kittyyyyy!}
I thought I saw a puddy tat!

Bridge A [2x]:
(What you doin`?) {Nuttin`, hon! Uhh, uhh, I`m just nuttin`, hon!}
(What you doin`?) {Nuttin`, hon! Aww, honey-hon!}

Like I said, the party ain`t dead,
These girls ain`t even scared to give head!
Verse 1:
Girl, stop tryin` to be smooth
Make way for a brother to make the first move
You`re tryin` to act nice and sweet
`Cause I know that you is a freak
So let a brother lick them paws
And run the tongue on the g-string draws
And tease the kitty just a little
Then stick my pole in the middle
Before I hit, let me ask
Did the dogs done hit in the path
`Cause if they ain`t got they shots
Then the kitty might not get got
They say it ain`t got a bad bone
In any ol `eyes, it`s gold
So girl, don`t act seditty
Just give a brother some of that kitty!

Chorus, Bridge A
Like I said, the party ain`t dead,
All these chicken heads just scared!
Verse 2:
Kitties is cool and all that
But I like the real big cats
See, a cat got a little more strength
So they can take a little more length
You gotta feed a kitty real slow
But a cat can take a little bit mo`
So lay on down on the silk
So you can get a bowl of this milk
Then let`s do it like dogs
I want to see ya climb the walls
And once I get in them guts
I`ma do that straight cat strut
So please don`t make a brother beg
To get inbetween them legs
Come on girl, have some pity
And give a brother some of that kitty!

Bridge be [4x]:
True dat, true dat! True dat, true dat!

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Jack came down, said "Thank you ma`am, but uh, you got change for a quarter?" Aaow!

Bridge see [4x]:
{Oh, baby!} (Hey!)

Check it out!
Lil` Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eatin` a bowl o` cream o` wheat
She gave me a show, whatta you know, that lil` *hoe* was a freak! Aaow!

Bridge see
Check it!
Little Jack Horner sat in the corner beggin` this girl all night
She said no, he said "Oh! You gon` come on down and take a hike, baby!"

Bridge see
Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, eyes were full of tears
I think girl need her *LONG BLEEP*; Whoot, there it is! Aaow!

Bridge see, Bridge be , Chorus

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