Ace Hood

(I do it)
Blood sweat tears
Ace Hood
(I do it)

Another day, another dollar
Every twenty four I'm thinking money in the power
Bills due, money runnin' low
Plus my cousin lost her mind and had an overdose
Way too many problems got me stressed out
What you do when you've got seven days to move out
Go 'n' get it, go 'n' get it, go 'n' get it
I'm out here chasin' cream
Go 'n' get it, go 'n' get it, go 'n' get it
Need it by any means

Money the rule of evil guess I'm the devil then
Bag full of dead faces like Afghanistan
Hundred K or better, custom made Beretta's
How about that paper cheddar
Hoppin' out that Bentley leather
Tell 'em get a load of this bezel
Big face and the rocks are pebbles
Don't grind then a nigga don't shine fuck y'all gotta get mine
Big dog big money on mine
Runnin' like to the sun arise
Money it never sleeps, got bags up under my eyes
Just know I gotta get it
Mama very sickly, plus I'm expectin' twins
That's just what heaven sent me
God fearin'nigga this I who in the flesh
Who won't let my people sore
God bless my soul to rest


OK now ridin' round with that rocket
Nigga tryin' to steal my flow though
Thank you for the promo
We the best still be that logo
OK back upon to my dough shit
Slidin' on in them two six
Lights due, car note, baby sees plus rent
Nigga just know I'm out here
Tote my nine without fear
Won't shoot niggas pussy, yeah I'm talkin' pap smear
Lord guide me as my day go, tryna get my mom off pay roll
Wanna put her in that benzo, get kinda hard when the funds low
I'm sick and tired of her cryin', tired of nickel and dimes,
Look at her in her eyes, better know your son gon'ride
'Cause I'm a God fearin' nigga 'cause I am in the flesh
Won't let my family starve god bless my soul to rest


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