Collected Works of Al Jolson

    Collected Works of Al Jolson
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    1Avalon - 1920Al Jolson
    2Chloe - 1919Al Jolson
    3Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land - World War I Song - 1918Al Jolson
    4Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land - World War I Song - 1918 aAl Jolson
    5I Gave Her That - 1919Al Jolson
    6I Wonder Why She Kept On Saying 'si-si-si-si-senor' - 1918Al Jolson
    7I'll Say She Does - 1918Al Jolson
    8I'm All Bound Round With the Mason Dixon Line - 1919Al Jolson
    9I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now - 1919Al Jolson
    10LizaAl Jolson
    11My Yellow Jacket Girl - 1913Al Jolson
    12'n Everything - 1917Al Jolson
    13On the Road to Calais - 1918Al Jolson
    14Pullman Porters' Parade - 1913Al Jolson
    15Ragging the Baby to Sleep - 1912Al Jolson
    16Revival Day - 1914Al Jolson
    17Rock-a-bye Your Baby - 1918Al Jolson
    18Rum Tum Tiddle - 1911Al Jolson
    19Sister Susie's Sewing for Soldiers - 1914Al Jolson
    20Snap Your Fingers - 1912Al Jolson
    21Some Beautiful Morning - 1919Al Jolson
    22Swanee - 1920Al Jolson
    23Swanee - 1920 aAl Jolson
    24SwanneeAl Jolson
    25Tell That to the Marines - 1918Al Jolson
    26That Haunting Melody - 1911Al Jolson
    27That Little German Band - 1913Al Jolson
    28That Lovin' Traumerei - 1912Al Jolson
    29The Spaniard that Blighted My Life - 1913Al Jolson
    30There's a Lump of Sugar Down In Dixie - 1917Al Jolson
    31When the Grown-up Ladies Act Like Babies - 1914Al Jolson
    32When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-bob-bobbin' Along - 1926Al Jolson
    33Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night - 1916Al Jolson
    34Yaaka Hulahickey DulaAl Jolson
    35You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet - 1919Al Jolson
    36You Made Me Love You - 1913Al Jolson

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