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40 More Reasons To Hate Us

40 More Reasons To Hate Us

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  • 40 More Reasons To Hate Us


1Face It Youre A Metal BandAnal Cunt
2Punching Joe Bonnis Face InAnal Cunt
3Kill WomenAnal Cunt
4Steroids GuyAnal Cunt
5Everyone In Allston Should Be KilledAnal Cunt
6I Noticed That Youre GayAnal Cunt
7Dead Gay And DroppedAnal Cunt
8You Look DivorcedAnal Cunt
9I Hope You Get DeportedAnal Cunt
10Mike Mahan Has GingivitisAnal Cunt
11TrappedAnal Cunt
12Youre A Fucking CuntAnal Cunt
13Phyllis Is An Old Annoying CuntAnal Cunt
14Al Stankus Is Always On The Phone With His BookieAnal Cunt
15Bill Scotts DumbAnal Cunt
16Harvey Korman Is GayAnal Cunt
17You Fucking FreakAnal Cunt
18Theme From Threes CompanyAnal Cunt
19Jeanine Jizm Is A FreakAnal Cunt
20Everyone In Anal Cunt Is DumbAnal Cunt
21I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On EarthAnal Cunt
22Johnny Violent Getting His Ass Kicked By MorriseyAnal Cunt
23MetamorphosisAnal Cunt
24Im Sick Of YouAnal Cunt
25Howard Wulkans BaldAnal Cunt
26Youre A Trendy Fucking PussyAnal Cunt
27Tom ArnoldAnal Cunt
28I Got Athletes Foot Showering At MikesAnal Cunt
29Big Pants Bigger LoserAnal Cunt
30Marc Payson Is A DrunkAnal Cunt
31Your Family Is DumbAnal Cunt
32FurnaceAnal Cunt
33Youre DumbAnal Cunt
34Van Full Of RetardsAnal Cunt
35Depth Charge Are A Bunch Of Fucking LosersAnal Cunt
36Everyone In The Underground Music Scene Is StupidAnal Cunt
37Dumb Fat And GrossAnal Cunt
38Im Not StubbornAnal Cunt
39Mike Mahans StyAnal Cunt
402657Anal Cunt
41Gloves Of MetalAnal Cunt
42Bonus TrackAnal Cunt

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