Cocaine Inc. (Cocaine Raps 1, 2, and 3)

Cocaine Inc. (Cocaine Raps 1, 2, and 3)

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  • Cocaine Inc. (Cocaine Raps 1, 2, and 3)


1Nickatina CreationAndre Nickatina
1Conversation With A DevilAndre Nickatina
1Bakin' Soda In MinnesotaAndre Nickatina
2Daiquiri FactoryAndre Nickatina
2Crack RaiderAndre Nickatina
2Fly Like A BirdAndre Nickatina and Equipto featuring Dubee aka Sugawolf
3Rise And Fall Of A Rap CatAndre Nickatina
33 AMAndre Nickatina
3Rumppa Bum BumAndre Nickatina
4Nickatina SaysAndre Nickatina
4Pick-chaAndre Nickatina
4Sly StoneAndre Nickatina
5Gingerbread ManAndre Nickatina
5Dice Of Life (The Bottle)Andre Nickatina
5The CarnivalAndre Nickatina featuring Lolo Swift
65th GearAndre Nickatina and Equipto
6King Nicky's CrownAndre Nickatina featuring Lolo Swift
6I'm A PiscesAndre Nickatina
7Soul Of A Coke DealerAndre Nickatina
7Diamonds and CaratsAndre Nickatina
7Ghost Of FillmoeAndre Nickatina
8The Al Capone SuiteAndre Nickatina and Equipto
8The God And The StripperAndre Nickatina
8Ginger Bread CrumbzAndre Nickatina (ft. C. Water)
9Birds With No WingsAndre Nickatina
9Falcon And The SnowmanAndre Nickatina and Equipto
9Scent Of A WomanAndre Nickatina (ft. TEBO)
1088Andre Nickatina
10Summer In FloridaAndre Nickatina
10Cherry Colored Benz (Rose)Andre Nickatina
11Alphabet SoupAndre Nickatina featuring Lolo Swift
11RavenAndre Nickatina
11A YoAndre Nickatina featuring San Quinn
12Andre NickatinaAndre Nickatina
12Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes"Andre Nickatina
12Fears Of A Coke LordAndre Nickatina
13Train With No LoveAndre Nickatina
13YSSUPAndre Nickatina featuring Lolo Swift
13Bobby Shaw Is My TigaAndre Nickatina
14Little CoCoAndre Nickatina
14Nino Did The CartahAndre Nickatina
14Thank Of MeAndre Nickatina
15Bonus TrackAndre Nickatina featuring Lolo Swift
15Show Gone WrongAndre Nickatina
15CadillacAndre Nickatina (ft. TEBO)
16Awake Like An OwlAndre Nickatina
16Cobra StatusAndre Nickatina
17Last Rap I'll Ever WriteAndre Nickatina
17MotherAndre Nickatina
1845 Caliber RapsAndre Nickatina
18Awake Like An Owl (Cocaine Murda Remix)Andre Nickatina
19F*ck Them Whores (Remix)Andre Nickatina

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