Angie Stone

Just like a seed that wouldn't grow.
Not 'til it had the right home.
You were like that for me.
You nurtured me.
You cared for me.
You never would let go.
Not 'til you could breathe new life into me.
Don't you see? What you mean to me, everything!
Where would I be without ya?
So many times you could have walked.
But you stood by me through it all.
Got me through hurt. Baby you served through every broken thing to put me back together.
Now all is good with me. I'm more happy than most can be.
I'm so gone and that's OK with me.
Oh boy you make me breathe free.

You make the sunshine. You make the rain fall.
These are the reasons I love you.
Just like the wind blows. Or how the Nile flows.
Baby I love you. I love you.
High as the moon, boy, you've got me flying.
And though the seasons, they change.
You stay the same boy. These are the reasons.
Baby I love you. I love you.

Got on my knees real low.
Wanna let God know, that I'm so thankful for you.
Now and forever, I'll adore. Yeah.
I'm crying tears of joy. I'm so in love with you boy.
Praisin' His name for blessings and favor. Yeah
I want you to know that you have changed my whole life.
And now I'm trusting like I never did before.
Smiling like I never did before.
Loving like I never did before.
And it's all because of you.


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