I'm So Thankful

I'm So Thankful

Ann Peebles

6:45 I'm out of my bed
Have a cup of coffee take the rollers from my head
And prepare myself for another day

7:00 I wake my man and my kids
They're getting ready for school he's getting ready for his gig
We all have breakfast and with a kiss they're on their way

Sippin on my second cup and watchin' tv
I felt a strange feeling come over me

Remember when I was wild young and free
Oh how times have changed me oh your love â?? has changed me

My best friend sue and my sister jane
I wonder if they'll ever change and taste the life you laid here for me

[Chorus:Repeat x3]
Oh I'm so thankful
How love has changed me
I want to say oh I'm so thankful
From a wild young girl to a woman of responsibility

6:00 the kids are home
My oldest girl she's still on the phone
I swear that child reminds me so much of myself

10:00 the kid's in bed
With the covers pulled up around their head
A little time for you and I to put our troubles on the shelf

He looks at me with that look in his eyes
I've seen that look before and it's no surprise
That's all I needed to complete my day
Knowing that each night is gonna be this way

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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