There's Always A Goodbye

There's Always A Goodbye

Anne Murray

Ever since that first night,
When I gave my love to you.
Everything just seems so right,
You are my sunlight, shining through.
And I've tried so, not to let it show,
Yet it seems sad, because I know:

No matter how hard I try,
No matter how hard I try,
It's always a goodbye.

You smile softly as you leave my bed,
And I tightly hold your hand.
You lean down to kiss my head,
But there's nothing to be said.
And if you say you want to stay,
I'd know you'd soon be on your way.

[Chorus x 3]

So here we stand, you and I.
You are too kind, I'm too shy,
To say what we really mean.
So we make life a masquerade,
Never showing all, only the parts we play.


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