100 Famous Marches
    • 100 Famous Marches
    • Released in 2012
    • 100 Songs


    1Valdres Marsj (Valdres March) [Hanssen]Various Artists
    1Einzug der Gladiatoren (The Entry of the Gladiators), Op. 68, "Triumph March" [Fucik]Various Artists
    1Bravura [Duble]Various Artists
    1L'inglesina [Cese]Various Artists
    1Joyce's 71st New York Regiment (1937 version) | Joyce's 71st New York Regiment [Boyer]Various Artists
    2Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades) [Teike]Various Artists
    2March of the Steelmen [Beisterling]Various Artists
    2Up the Street [Morse]Various Artists
    2Officer's Center - Officer of the Day March [Hall]Various Artists
    2The White Rose [Sousa]Various Artists
    3Smilin' Jack [Keller]Various Artists
    3The Gallant Seventh [Sousa]Various Artists
    3The Purple Carnival [Alford]Various Artists
    3Onward Upward [Goldman]Various Artists
    3The Boys of the Old Brigade [Chambers]Various Artists
    4Anchors Aweigh (arr. W.J. Dunn) [Zimmerman]Various Artists
    4T.M.B. (Thayer Military Band) [King]Various Artists
    4Suite No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 28, No. 1 | Suite No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 28, No. 1: III. March [Holst]Various Artists
    4March Grandioso [Seitz]Various Artists
    4National Spirit March [Hummel]Various Artists
    5Rolling Thunder March [Fillmore]Various Artists
    5March in F major, WoO 18, "Fur die bohmische Landwehr" [Beethoven]Various Artists
    5Viscount Nelson [Zehle]Various Artists
    5Radetzky March, Op. 228 | Radetzky-Marsch, Op. 228 [I]Various Artists
    5Royal Air Force March Past [Davies]Various Artists
    6Unsere Marine [Thiele]Various Artists
    6The Liberty Bell [Sousa]Various Artists
    6Les patineurs: I. Allegro moderato e pesante, un poco piu mosso (arr. for wind ensemble) [Meyerbeer]Various Artists
    6Colonel Bogey [Alford]Various Artists
    6E Pluribus Unum [Jewell]Various Artists
    7On the Mall [Goldman]Various Artists
    7The Fairest of the Fair [Sousa]Various Artists
    7Barnum [Richards]Various Artists
    7Men of Ohio [Fillmore]Various Artists
    7The Invercargill March [Lithgow]Various Artists
    8The Army Goes Rolling Along [Gruber]Various Artists
    8Colossus of Columbia [Alexander]Various Artists
    8British Legion [Bidgood]Various Artists
    8A Warrior Bold [Panella]Various Artists
    8The Melody Shop [King]Various Artists
    9Washington Grays [Grafulla]Various Artists
    9The Southerner [Alexander]Various Artists
    9The Footlifter [Fillmore]Various Artists
    9Chicago Tribune [Chambers]Various Artists
    9Bombasto [Farrar]Various Artists
    10Emblem of Unity [Richards]Various Artists
    10El capitan (version for wind ensemble) | El Capitan (version for wind ensemble) [Sousa]Various Artists
    10Crown Imperial [Walton]Various Artists
    10Second Regiment Connecticut [Reeves]Various Artists
    10Babes in Toyland: March of the Toys (arr. R. Cray) [Herbert]Various Artists
    11The Marines' Hymn [Offenbach]Various Artists
    11Repasz Band [Lincoln]Various Artists
    11The Invincible Eagle [Sousa]Various Artists
    11The Dambusters (arr. for wind ensemble) | The Dam Busters (arr. for wind ensemble) [Coates]Various Artists
    11Official West Point March [Egner]Various Artists
    12The Thunderer [Sousa]Various Artists
    12In Storm and Sunshine [Heed]Various Artists
    12In treue fest (Faithful and Steadfast) [Teike]Various Artists
    12Tenth Regiment March, "Death or Glory" [Hall]Various Artists
    12Coat of Arms [Whitcomb]Various Artists
    13The Washington Post March [Sousa]Various Artists
    135 Military Marches, Op. 39, "Pomp and Circumstance" | 5 Military Marches, Op. 39, "Pomp and Circumstance": No. 1 in D major [Elgar]Various Artists
    13The Music Man: Seventy-Six Trombones (arr. F. Werle) []Various Artists
    13National Emblem [Bagley]Various Artists
    13Victory at Sea: Guadalcanal march (arr. R.R. Russell) [Rodgers]Various Artists
    14Bluejackets on Parade [Goldman]Various Artists
    14Hands Across the Sea [Sousa]Various Artists
    14Americans We [Fillmore]Various Artists
    14The NC-4 [Bigelow]Various Artists
    14Unter dem Doppeladler (Under the Double Eagle), Op. 159 | Unter dem Doppeladler (Under The Double Eagle), Op. 159 [Wagner]Various Artists
    15The Big Cage [King]Various Artists
    15St. Julian [Hughes]Various Artists
    15Purple pageant [King]Various Artists
    15Commando March [Barber]Various Artists
    15The Screamer [Jewell]Various Artists
    16Brooke's Chicago Marine Band [Seitz]Various Artists
    16Independentia March [Hall]Various Artists
    16The High School Cadets [Sousa]Various Artists
    16Florentiner-Marsch, Op. 214 [Fucik]Various Artists
    16Barnum and Bailey's Favorite [King]Various Artists
    17French National Defile March (arr. J.S. Seredy) [Rauski]Various Artists
    17Billboard March (arr. L.J. Buckley) [Klohr]Various Artists
    17Semper Paratus (Always Ready) [Boskerck]Various Artists
    17On the Campus [Goldman]Various Artists
    17Proud Spirit March [Swearingen]Various Artists
    18H.M. Jollies [Alford]Various Artists
    18Father of Victory [Ganne]Various Artists
    18Salutation [Seitz]Various Artists
    18Gladiator's Farewell [Blankenburg]Various Artists
    18President Garfield's Inauguration March [Sousa]Various Artists
    19Amparito Roca (arr. for wind ensemble) | Amparito Roca (arr. for wind band) [Texidor]Various Artists
    19American Patrol [Meacham]Various Artists
    19Semper Fidelis [Sousa]Various Artists
    19The U.S. Air Force, "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder" [Crawford]Various Artists
    19The Klaxon [Fillmore]Various Artists
    20Eagle Squadron [Alford]Various Artists
    20Strike up the Band [Gershwin]Various Artists
    20Chimes of Liberty [Goldman]Various Artists
    20The Stars and Stripes Forever [Sousa]Various Artists
    20March of the Belgian Parachutists [Leemans]Various Artists

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