49 Essential Artie Shaw Classics, Vol. 1
    • 49 Essential Artie Shaw Classics, Vol. 1
    • Released in 2012
    • 49 Songs


    1The Japanese SandmanArtie Shaw
    2A Prett Girl Is Like a MelodyArtie Shaw
    3I Used to Be Above LoveArtie Shaw
    4No RegretsArtie Shaw
    5South Sea Island MagicArtie Shaw
    6IT Ain't RightArtie Shaw
    7Sugar Foot StompArtie Shaw
    8Thou SwellArtie Shaw
    9You're Giving Me a Song and a DanceArtie Shaw
    10Darling, Not Without YouArtie Shaw
    11One, two, Button Your ShoeArtie Shaw
    12Let's Call a Heart to HeartArtie Shaw
    13The Skeleton in the ClosetArtie Shaw
    14There's Something in the AirArtie Shaw
    15Take Another GuessArtie Shaw
    16There's Frost on the MoonArtie Shaw
    17Love and LearnArtie Shaw
    18Moon FaceArtie Shaw
    19The Same Old LineArtie Shaw
    20You Can Tell She Comes from DixieArtie Shaw
    21Sobbin' BluesArtie Shaw
    22CopenhagenArtie Shaw
    23Cream PuffArtie Shaw
    24My Blue HeavemArtie Shaw
    25StreamlineArtie Shaw
    26Sweet LorraineArtie Shaw
    27Love Is Good for Anything That Ails YouArtie Shaw
    28No More TearsArtie Shaw
    29Moonlight and ShadowsArtie Shaw
    30Was it Rain?Artie Shaw
    31All AloneArtie Shaw
    32All God's Chillun Got RhythmArtie Shaw
    33It Goes to Your FeetArtie Shaw
    34Because I Love YouArtie Shaw
    35Night and DayArtie Shaw
    36I Surrender DearArtie Shaw
    37Blue SkiesArtie Shaw
    38Someday, SweetheartArtie Shaw
    39Afraid to DreamArtie Shaw
    40If You Should Ever LeaveArtie Shaw
    41Sweet AdelineArtie Shaw
    42How Dry I AmArtie Shaw
    43Am I in Love?Artie Shaw
    44Fee Fi Fo FumArtie Shaw
    45Please Pardon Us, We're in LoveArtie Shaw
    46The ChantArtie Shaw
    47The Blues March - Part 1Artie Shaw
    48The Blues March - Part 2Artie Shaw
    49It's a Long, Long Way to TipperaryArtie Shaw

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