Ashford & Simpson

Street life, rough necks
Bad guys

On any street, any street corner
On any street
Any street corner
(Oh, oh, oh)

They try to pick me up and take me for a ride
I tell 'em, "No, the girl is satisfied?
They say I've got the stuff that really turns you on
I tell 'em, "No, this little girls is grown?"

They say, fi fi
And I say, "No, no, not me
I'm not the kind of girl
You're gonna see"

On any street
Any street corner
(Ah, you know it, girl)

On any street
Any street corner
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

They say, I've got a dime, I've got a nickel bag
Oh, it's the best stuff you've, you ever had
I've got your pleasure right here in my hand
It'll make you feel just, just like a real big man

But when I stop
To think about the cost
I know that I just might get lost

On any street
(Ooh, oh baby)
Any street corner
(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)

On any street
(Oh, yeah, sugar, sugar)
Any street corner
(Oh baby, oh baby, oh)


On any street
(Anywhere, anywhere)
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Any street corner
(They'll find ya, they'll find ya)
On any street
(On the avenue)
(They'll be waitin')

Any street corner
(They'll be waitin?)
(On the avenue waitin' for you)

You want it
(You got it)
That's why
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

They'll be lookin', lookin', lookin' all around
Oh, that's why, that's why
I've got to leave you girl, yeah, yeah, yeah

But you won't find my love
You won't find it
On any street, any street
Any corner of the world

Written by Simpson, Valerie / Ashford, Nickolas
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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