Tribunal Records: A Collection - Past, Present, And Future
    • Tribunal Records: A Collection - Past, Present, And Future
    • Released in 2004
    • 42 Songs


    1Living Each Day Like You're Already DeadAtreyu
    1My Saving GraceAmazing Device
    2Life AdvocateAnimosity
    3Beyond DiversitySamadhi
    3Bring Me YouUnderwater
    4The FoolHe Is Legend
    4Cold PlayDeadsoil
    5Custom Made BackstabberRifles at Recess
    5RoyaltySchool for Heroes
    6The Burial Of Your Absentee LandKilling Theory
    6Jamestown BeachBrand New Disaster
    7Tainted Ghost CatharsisAge of Ruin
    7Razel Got Her WIngsA Long Winter
    8Hold EnSwift
    8The SonnetPrayer for Cleansing
    9Just DriveOne Six Conspiracy
    9Restoring PangeaScarlet
    10A Lie Will Always Defeat The TruthFrom Autumn to Ashes
    10Chapter ThreeEverafter
    11You Like Knife Play?! I Love Knife PlayKillwhitneydead
    11The First ShotUnderwater
    12Search PartyAdios
    12The MachiavellianGrieving the Days to Come
    13Broken Hearts & Dirty NeedlesHyde
    14Days That Never EndEnd of All
    14Burning The BedSchool for Heroes
    15The Pleasure Of ExorcismWidow
    15Double Barrel DisasterBloodjinn
    16CosmopolysyndetonCanvas Solaris
    16Hathustka WandebegaeFrom Here On
    17Plagues Of ConsciousnessAcedia
    17Buck Rogers Made Me Do ItThe Kiss of Death
    18Final SubstanceSever the Fallen
    18Aura Of DespairDarkness Remains
    19Empty Image Broken GlassSamadhi
    20Black IrisHyde
    21Time To HealHeartscarved
    22My Scarlet Season Turns BlackEyes Upon Separation
    23Autumn LeavesFaceDown

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