Bachman-Turner Overdrive

BachmanTurner Overdrive: 40th Anniversary

BachmanTurner Overdrive: 40th Anniversary

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  • BachmanTurner Overdrive: 40th Anniversary


1Never Coming Home (Brave Belt)Bachman-Turner Overdrive
1Roll On Down The HighwayBachman-Turner Overdrive
2The LetterBachman-Turner Overdrive
2Hold Back The WaterBachman-Turner Overdrive
3Let It RideBachman-Turner Overdrive
3Welcome HomeBachman-Turner Overdrive
4Takin' Care Of BusinessBachman-Turner Overdrive
4Don't Get Yourself In TroubleBachman-Turner Overdrive
5You Ain't Seen Nothing YetBachman-Turner Overdrive
5Four Wheel DriveBachman-Turner Overdrive
6Not FragileBachman-Turner Overdrive
6Takin' Care Of BusinessBachman-Turner Overdrive
7Four Wheel DriveBachman-Turner Overdrive
7Slow Down BoogieBachman-Turner Overdrive
8Hey YouBachman-Turner Overdrive
8Thank You-DomoBachman-Turner Overdrive
9Lookin' Out For #1Bachman-Turner Overdrive
9Give It TimeBachman-Turner Overdrive
10SledgehammerBachman-Turner Overdrive
10Blue CollarBachman-Turner Overdrive
11My Wheels Won't TurnBachman-Turner Overdrive
12For The WeekendBachman-Turner Overdrive
13Wooly BullyBachman-Turner Overdrive
14Rough RideBachman-Turner Overdrive
15Another FoolBachman-Turner Overdrive
16West Coast TurnaroundBachman-Turner Overdrive

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