My Name Is Barbara
    • My Name Is Barbara
    • Released in 2005
    • 28 Songs


    1Quilter - Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: Weep You No MoreBarbara Bonney
    2Quilter - Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: My life's delightBarbara Bonney
    3Quilter - Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: Damask rosesBarbara Bonney
    4Quilter - Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: The faithless shepherdessBarbara Bonney
    5Quilter - Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: Brown is my LoveBarbara Bonney
    6Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: By a fountainsideBarbara Bonney
    7Seven Elizabethan Lyrics: Fair house of JoyBarbara Bonney
    8Griffes - Three Poems of Fiona Macleod: The Lament of Ian the ProudBarbara Bonney
    9Griffes - Three Poems of Fiona Macleod: Thy dark eyes to mineBarbara Bonney
    10Griffes - Three Poems of Fiona Macleod: The rose of the nightBarbara Bonney
    11Copland - Four early songs: NightBarbara Bonney
    12Copland - Four early songs: A summer vacationBarbara Bonney
    13Copland - Four early songs: My heart is in the EastBarbara Bonney
    14Copland - Four early songs: AloneBarbara Bonney
    15Britten - On this Island: Let the florid music praise!Barbara Bonney
    16Britten - On this Island: Now the leaves are falling fastBarbara Bonney
    17Britten - On this Island: SeascapeBarbara Bonney
    18Britten - On this Island: NocturneBarbara Bonney
    19Britten - On this Island: As it is, plentyBarbara Bonney
    20Bernstein - I hate music!: My name is BarbaraBarbara Bonney
    21Bernstein - I hate music!: Jupiter has seven moonsBarbara Bonney
    22Bernstein - I hate music!: I hate music!Barbara Bonney
    23Bernstein - I hate music!: A big Indian and a little IndianBarbara Bonney
    24Bernstein - I hate music!: I'm a person tooBarbara Bonney
    25Barber- Four songs, op. 13: A nun takes the veilBarbara Bonney
    26Barber- Four songs, op. 13: The secrets of the oldBarbara Bonney
    27Barber - Four songs, op. 13: Sure on this shining nightBarbara Bonney
    28Barber - Four songs, op. 13: NocturneBarbara Bonney

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