Timeless - Live In Concert

Timeless - Live In Concert

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1Entr'acte (Live)Barbra Streisand
1Opening/You'll Never Know (with Lauren Frost, Alec Ledd & Randee Heller). (Live)Barbra Streisand
2Something's Coming (with Lauren Frost) (Live)Barbra Streisand
2Putting It Together (Live)Barbra Streisand
3The Way We Were (Live)Barbra Streisand
3On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (Live)Barbra Streisand
4Shirley Maclaine Y1K (Dialogue) (Live)Barbra Streisand
4Send In The Clowns (Live)Barbra Streisand
5Cry Me A River (Live)Barbra Streisand
5Duets (Live)Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand;Barbra Streisand duet with Neil Diamond
6Lover, Come Back To Me (Live)Barbra Streisand
6Sing (with Jason Gould)/I've Got A Crush On You (with Frank Sinatra) (Live)Barbra Streisand
7Technology (Dialogue) (Live)Barbra Streisand
7A Sleepin' Bee (Live)Barbra Streisand
8The Clicker Blues (Live)Barbra Streisand
8Miss Marmelstein (Live)Barbra Streisand
9Simple Pleasures (Live)Barbra Streisand
9I'm The Greatest Star/Second Hand Rose/Don't Rain On My Parade (Medley) (Live)Barbra Streisand
10The Main Event/Fight (Live)Barbra Streisand
10Something Wonderful/Being Alive (Medley) (Live)Barbra Streisand
11Dialogue (Father, Part #2) (Live)Barbra Streisand
11As Time Goes By/Speak Low (Medley) (Live)Barbra Streisand
12Alfie (Live)Barbra Streisand
12I've Dreamed Of You (Live)Barbra Streisand
13Evergreen (Live)Barbra Streisand
13At The Same Time (Live)Barbra Streisand
14Dialogue (Father, Part #1) (Live)Barbra Streisand
14Auld Lang Syne (Ballad) (Live)Barbra Streisand
15Papa Can You Hear Me?/You'll Never Know (with Lauren Frost) (Live)Barbra Streisand
15Dialogue (Barbra and Brother Time) (Live)Barbra Streisand
16People (Live)Barbra Streisand
16A Piece Of Sky (with Lauren Frost) (Live)Barbra Streisand
17New Year's Eve/Auld Lang Syne (Celebration) (Live)Barbra Streisand
18Everytime You Hear Auld Lang Syne (Live)Barbra Streisand
19Happy Days Are Here Again (Live)Barbra Streisand
20Don't Like Goodbyes (Live)Barbra Streisand
21I Believe/Somewhere (with Lauren Frost) (Live)Barbra Streisand

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