A Different Story... Vol 1

A Different Story... Vol 1

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  • A Different Story... Vol 1


1Drop The Boom / We Rock HardFreestylers
1Shock The BeatFreestylers
2Al Naafiysh (The Soul) / Activ 8 / We Rock HardFreestylers
3Security / We Rock HardFreestylers
3No Way BackAdonis
4Break Of DawnFreestylers
4Running / Get Down MassiveFreestylers
5No Way Back / Ruffneck / Infiltrate 202Freestylers
5Activ 8Altern 8
6Closer To All Your DreamsFreestylers
6The Creator / Ruffneck / Activ 8Freestylers
7Get Up & DanceFreestylers
7Activ 8 / BloomblastFreestylers
8Take Me AwayFreestylers
8Uptempo / BloomblastFreestylers
9Infiltrate 202Altern 8
9Closer To All Your Dreams / Fast LifeFreestylers
10Under Mi SensiBarrington Levy
10Playing With Knives / Push UpFreestylers
11Now Is The Time / In Love With YouFreestylers
12Shock The Beat / In Love With YouFreestylers
13In Love With You (Instrumental) / In Love With You / Here We GoFreestylers
14Break / Fasten Your Seatbelt / The SlammerFreestylers
15Let No Man Put Us Under / We Rock Hard / The SlammerFreestylers
16Break Of Dawn / Let No Man Put Us UnderFreestylers
17Apocalyse / Beat It DownFreestylers
18Devils In Flight / Beat It Down / SteamFreestylers
19Fasten Your Seatbelts (edit)Freestylers
20The Slammer (edit) / No Replica / SteamFreestylers
22Take Me Away / SteamFreestylers
23Take Me Away (edit) / Electrified / SteamFreestylers
24Push Up / Word UpFreestylers
25Get Up And Dance / Push UpFreestylers
26Fasten Your Seatbelt / Get A LifeFreestylers
27Infiltrate 202 / SupersonicFreestylers
28Under Mi Sensi / SteamFreestylers

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