Billy Budd
    • Billy Budd
    • Released in 2012
    • 27 Songs


    1Billy Budd, Prologue: I Am an Old Man...Benjamin Britten
    2Billy Budd, Act 1: Pull, My Bantams! Pull, My Sparrow-Legs!Benjamin Britten
    3Billy Budd, Act 1: Boat Ahoy! Guard Boat! Indomitable!Benjamin Britten
    4Billy Budd, Act 1: Billy Budd, King of the Birds!Benjamin Britten
    5Billy Budd, Act 1: I Heard, Your Honour! Yes! I HeardBenjamin Britten
    6Billy Budd, Act 1: Come Along, Kid!Benjamin Britten
    7Billy Budd, Act 1: That's the One to Study If You Want to Dodge PunishmentBenjamin Britten
    8Billy Budd, Act 1: Officers and Men of the Indomitable, I Greet You!Benjamin Britten
    9Billy Budd, Act 2: Boy! My Compliments to Mr. Redburn and Mr. FlintBenjamin Britten
    10Billy Budd, Act 2: Ay, At Spithead the Men May Have Had Their GrievancesBenjamin Britten
    11Billy Budd, Act 2: Blow Her Away! Blow Her to Hilo, Riley!Benjamin Britten
    12Billy Budd, Act 2: Here Lads! Here! Come Here! Remember This One?Benjamin Britten
    13Billy Budd, Act 2: Handsomely Done, My LadBenjamin Britten
    14Billy Budd, Act 2: Come HereBenjamin Britten
    15Billy Budd, Act 2: Billy! Hist, Billy Budd!Benjamin Britten
    16Billy Budd, Act 2: Dansker Old FriendBenjamin Britten
    17Billy Budd, Act 3: I Don't Like the LookBenjamin Britten
    18Billy Budd, Act 3: Deck Ahoy! Enemy SailBenjamin Britten
    19Billy Budd, Act 3: There You Are AgainBenjamin Britten
    20Billy Budd, Act 3: Orchestral Interlude / ClaggartBenjamin Britten
    21Billy Budd, Act 3: (You Must) Forget All That for the MomentBenjamin Britten
    22Billy Budd, Act 3: The Mists Have ClearedBenjamin Britten
    23Billy Budd, Act 3: Orchestral Interlude / William Budd, You Are AccusedBenjamin Britten
    24Billy Budd, Act 3: I Accept Their VerdictBenjamin Britten
    25Billy Budd, Act 4: Look! Through the Port Comes the Moonshine AstrayBenjamin Britten
    26Billy Budd, Act 4: Orchestral Interlude / According to the Articles of WarBenjamin Britten
    27Billy Budd, Epilogue: We Committed His Body to the DeepBenjamin Britten

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