The Best of Benny Goodman, The King of Swing

The Best of Benny Goodman, The King of Swing

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  • The Best of Benny Goodman, The King of Swing


1And the Angels SingBenny Goodman
2Don't Be That WayBenny Goodman
3Jersey BounceBenny Goodman
4Rose of Washington SquareBenny Goodman
5You Turned the Table On MeBenny Goodman
6All the Cats Join InBenny Goodman
7ClarinadeBenny Goodman
8Frankie and JohnnyBenny Goodman
9Get HappyBenny Goodman
10Lady Be GoodBenny Goodman
11Six Flats UnfurnishedBenny Goodman
12There's a Small HotelBenny Goodman
13Body and SoulBenny Goodman
14Fascinating RhythmBenny Goodman
15Mission to MoscowBenny Goodman
16Stereo StompBenny Goodman
17WhisperingBenny Goodman
18Alexander's Ragtime BandBenny Goodman
19Darktown Strutter's BallBenny Goodman
20Jumping at the WoodsideBenny Goodman
21Let's DanceBenny Goodman
22Seven Come ElevenBenny Goodman
23Swing Time in the RockiesBenny Goodman
24Bach Goes to TownBenny Goodman
25Down South Camp MeetingBenny Goodman
26How High the MoonBenny Goodman
27It Had to Be YouBenny Goodman
28The Mad BoogieBenny Goodman
29Sing, Sing, SingBenny Goodman
30You Do Something To MeBenny Goodman
31All the Things You AreBenny Goodman
32Benny Rides AgainBenny Goodman
33Bugle Call RagBenny Goodman
34Everything I've GotBenny Goodman
35I've Found a New BabyBenny Goodman
36One O'Clock JumpBenny Goodman
37Somebody Stole My GalBenny Goodman
38Clarinet a la KingBenny Goodman
39The EarlBenny Goodman
40It Could Happen to YouBenny Goodman
41Oh BabyBenny Goodman
42RememberBenny Goodman
43StardustBenny Goodman
44Christopher ColumbusBenny Goodman
45Rattle and RollBenny Goodman
46Stompin' at the SavoyBenny Goodman
47I Can't Give You Anything But LoveBenny Goodman
48King Porter StompBenny Goodman
49Sugar Foot StompBenny Goodman

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