Bessie Smith - The Blues Legend, Vol. 2
    • Bessie Smith - The Blues Legend, Vol. 2
    • Released in 2012
    • 32 Songs


    1Do Your Duty (Rec. November 20, 1933)Bessie Smith
    2I Aint Got Nobody (Rec. August 19,1925)Bessie Smith
    3Lady Luck Blues (Rec. June 14, 1923)Bessie Smith
    4Mama's Got the Blues (Rec. April 30, 1923)Bessie Smith
    5Alexander's Ragtime Band (Rec. March 2,1927)Bessie Smith
    6Blue Blue (Rec. June 11, 1931)Bessie Smith
    7My Man Blues (Rec. September 1,1925)Bessie Smith
    8The Gin House Blues (Rec. March 18, 1926)Bessie Smith
    9Baby Have Pity On Me (Rec. April 12, 1930)Bessie Smith
    10Lonesome Desert Blues (Rec. December 9,1925)Bessie Smith
    11T'aint Nobody's Bizness If I do (Rec. April 26, 1923)Bessie Smith
    12In the House Blues (Rec. June 11, 1931)Bessie Smith
    13Down Hearted Blues (Rec. February 16, 1923)Bessie Smith
    14Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Rec. April 11, 1923)Bessie Smith
    15Florida Bound Blues (Rec. November 17 1925)Bessie Smith
    16Baby Doll (Rec. March 18, 1926)Bessie Smith
    17Preachin' the Blues (Rec. October 26,1926)Bessie Smith
    18Hustlin' Dan (Rec. July 22, 1930)Bessie Smith
    19New Gulf Coast Blues (Rec. November 17, 1925)Bessie Smith
    20Long Old Road (Rec. June 11, 1931)Bessie Smith
    21Keeps On A-Rainin` (Papa, He Can't Make No Time) (Rec. April 26, 1923)Bessie Smith
    22Careless Love Blues (Rec. May 26, 1925)Bessie Smith
    23I Ain't Goin` to Play No Second Fiddle (Rec. May 27,1925)Bessie Smith
    24Them "Has Been" Blues (Rec. December 9,1925)Bessie Smith
    25Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine (Rec. June 22, 1923)Bessie Smith
    26Red Mountain Blues (Rec. November 18, 1925)Bessie Smith
    27After You've Gone (Rec. February 17,1927)Bessie Smith
    28Money Blues (Rec. March 18, 1926)Bessie Smith
    29Lost Your Head Blues (Rec. May 4, 1926)Bessie Smith
    30Squeeze Me (Rec. March 5 1926)Bessie Smith
    31Safety Mama (Rec. November 20, 1931)Bessie Smith
    32Hard Time Blues (Rec. May 4, 1926)Bessie Smith

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