Bessie Smith - The Blues Legend, Vol. 1
    • Bessie Smith - The Blues Legend, Vol. 1
    • Released in 2012
    • 32 Songs


    1Midnight Blues (Rec. June 15, 1923)Bessie Smith
    2If You Don't, I Know Who Will (Rec. June 21, 1923)Bessie Smith
    3Outside of That (Rec. April 30, 1923)Bessie Smith
    4Yodelling Blues (Rec. June 14, 1923)Bessie Smith
    5I Want Ev'ry Bit of It (Rec. March 5, 1926)Bessie Smith
    6Black Mountain Blues (Rec. July 22, 1930)Bessie Smith
    7Young Woman's Blues (Rec. October 26,1926)Bessie Smith
    8See If I'll Care (Rec. April 12, 1930)Bessie Smith
    9He's Gone Blues (Rec. June 23,1925)Bessie Smith
    10One and Two Blues (Rec. October 25,1926)Bessie Smith
    11Aggravatin' Papa (Rec. April 11, 1923)Bessie Smith
    12Oh Daddy (You Won't Have No Mama At All) (Rec. April 11, 1923)Bessie Smith
    13Beale Street Papa (Rec. April 11, 1923)Bessie Smith
    14Hard Driving Papa (Rec. March 18, 1926)Bessie Smith
    15On Revival Day (A Rhythmic Spiritual) (Rec. June 9, 1930)Bessie Smith
    16Moan, You Mourners (Rec. June 9, 1930)Bessie Smith
    17Gimme a Pigfoot (Rec. November 20, 1933)Bessie Smith
    18Honey Man Blues (Rec. October 25,1926)Bessie Smith
    19What`s the Matter Now (Rec. March 5 1926)Bessie Smith
    20Bleeding Hearted Blues (Rec. June 14, 1923)Bessie Smith
    21Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town (Rec. March 5, 1926)Bessie Smith
    22Down in the Dumps (Rec. November 20, 1933)Bessie Smith
    23I've Been Mistreated and I Don't Like It (Rec. November 18, 1925)Bessie Smith
    24Shipwreck Blues (Rec. June 11, 1931)Bessie Smith
    25Gulf Coast Blues (Rec. February 16, 1923)Bessie Smith
    26Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl (Rec. November 20, 1931)Bessie Smith
    27Take Me for a Buggy Ride (Rec. November 20, 1933)Bessie Smith
    28At the Christmas Ball (Rec. November 17 1925)Bessie Smith
    29Golden Rule Blues (Rec. November 20, 1 925)Bessie Smith
    30J. C. Holmes Blues (Rec. May 26, 1925)Bessie Smith
    31Nobody's Blues But Mine (Rec. June 23,1925)Bessie Smith
    32Back Water Blues (Rec. February 17,1927)Bessie Smith

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