Real To Me
    • Real To Me
    • Released in 2011
    • 15 Songs


    1Holy Is the Flesh (feat. Nina Gerber,lead guitar/ Cary Black, bass)Betsy Rose
    2Real To Me (feat. Nina Gerber,lead guitar/ Cary Black, bass)Betsy Rose
    3Candles in the Windows (feat. Julie Wolfe, accordian/Jeff Neighbor, bass. Backup Vocals: Aline Prentice, Evelie Posch, Erika Luckett, Tina Greene)Betsy Rose
    4Today I'm Wearing Pink (feat. Lisa Zeiler, guitar/Cindy Brown, bass/ Duane Wong, lead guitar/Barbara Higbie, vIolin)Betsy Rose
    5These Hands (feat. Geoff Pearlman, lead guitars/Dave Worm,vocal/ Jeff Neighbor, bass)Betsy Rose
    6So Close To Christmas (feat. Julie Wolfe, glockenspiel, accordian/Kris Yenney,cello)Betsy Rose
    7Daughter of Earth (feat. Nina Gerber, lead guitar/Cary Black,bass/ Geoff Pearlman, electric slide)Betsy Rose
    8One Day At A Time (feat. Nina Gerber, lead guitar/Cary Black.bass/Duane Wong,pedal steel, Dave Worm, vocal)Betsy Rose
    9The Mother That I'm Going To Be (feat. Duane Wong, lead guitar)Betsy Rose
    10Still Your Mom (feat. Lisa Zeiler. Guitar/Cindy Brown, bass/ Duane Wong, pedal steel/Barbara Higbie, VIolin)Betsy Rose
    11Teenage Baby Boy (feat. Julian Smedley, violin/Mike Wollenberg,guitar)Betsy Rose
    12I’ll Be All Right (feat. Julie Wolfe, keyboard)Betsy Rose
    13God’s Little JokeBetsy Rose
    14No One Will Dance Here AgainBetsy Rose
    15Going Home (feat. Geoff Pearlman, lead guitar/Jeff Neighbor,bass, Dave Worm, vocal)Betsy Rose

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