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Homecoming Picnic

Homecoming Picnic

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1This Great Caravan Keeps On Rolling (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Bill & Gloria Gaither
2I'm Living In Canaan Now (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Bill & Gloria Gaither
3Sky Full Of Angels (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Taranda Greene
4I Was There When It Happened (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Ben Speer
5I'm A Soldier (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Three Bridges, Karen Peck, Lauren Talley, Tim Duncan
6Did You Ever Go Sailin' (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)The Hayes Family
7Farther Along (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Michael English
8I Heard It First On The Radio (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Gaither Vocal Band
9Psalms Of Victory (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Lary Ford, Ben Speer, Joy Gardner, Wesley Pritchard
10Sally Goodin (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)The Isaacs & Buddy Greene
11He Pilots My Ship (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Buddy Mullins & Mike Allen
12Sweet Forgiveness (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Gordon Mote
13The Sweetest Song I Know (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Becky Isaacs Bowman, Mike Allen, Russ Taff, Ben Speer, Johnny Minick, Michael English
14Without The Lord (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)The Booth Brothers
15Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Dottie Rambo & The Isaacs
16What A Day That Will Be (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Jim Hill
17Eastern Gate (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Sheri Easter
18Gentle Shepherd (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Buddy Greene
19Look For Me (Homecoming Picnic Album Version)Tanya Goodman Sykes

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