Gone Fishin' - His Finest , 1930 - 1960
    • Gone Fishin' - His Finest , 1930 - 1960
    • Released in 2012
    • 53 Songs


    1It's Been a Long, Long TimeBing Crosby
    1Gone Fishin' (feat. Louis Armstrong)Bing Crosby
    2I Can't Begin to Tell You (feat. Carmen Cavallaro) [Music from the Motion Picture "The Dolly Sisters"]Bing Crosby
    2Happy Feet (feat. Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra) [Music from the Motion Picture "The King of Jazz"]Bing Crosby
    3Dinah (feat. Tommy Dorsey & Benny Goodman)Bing Crosby
    3South America, Take It Away (feat. The Andrews Sisters)Bing Crosby
    4A Couple of Song and Dance MenBing Crosby
    4Shine (feat. Tommy Dorsey & Benny Goodman)Bing Crosby
    5I Still Suits Me (feat. Lee Wiley)Bing Crosby
    5My Honey's Lovin' Arms (feat. Tommy Dorsey & Benny Goodman)Bing Crosby
    6Alexander's Ragtime Band (feat. Al Jolson)Bing Crosby
    6Pennies for Heaven (feat. Frances Langford & Louis Armstrong) [Music from the Motion Picture "Pennies from Heaven" - 1936]Bing Crosby
    7The Way You Look Tonight (feat. Dixie Lee Crosby) [Music from the Motion Picture "Swing Time"]Bing Crosby
    7The Whiffenpoof Song (feat. Fred Waring & his Glee Club)Bing Crosby
    8Busy Doing Nothing (feat. Cedric Hardwicke & William Bendix)[Music from the Motion Picture "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court"]Bing Crosby
    8Sweet Leilani (feat. Lani McIntyre & His Hawaiians) [Music form the Motion Picture "Waikiki Wedding"]Bing Crosby
    9Play a Simple Melody (feat. Gary Crosby)Bing Crosby
    9Bob White, Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight? (feat. Connee Boswell)Bing Crosby
    10Sam's Song (feat. Gary Crosby)Bing Crosby
    10Small FryBing Crosby
    11Mister Crosby and Mister Mercer (feat. Johnny Mercer)Bing Crosby
    11If I Were a Bell (feat. Patty Andrews)Bing Crosby
    12Gypsy Love Song (feat. Frances Langford)Bing Crosby
    12Moonlight Bay (feat. Gary Crosby)Bing Crosby
    13Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider (feat. The Foursome)Bing Crosby
    13When You and I Were Young Maggie Blues (feat. Gary Crosby)Bing Crosby
    14An Apple for the Teacher (feat. Conne Boswell)[Music from the Motion Picture "The Star Maker"]Bing Crosby
    14In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the EveningBing Crosby
    15Dolores (feat. The Merry Macs)Bing Crosby
    15Watermelon Weather (feat. Peggy Lee)Bing Crosby
    16The Waiter and The Porter and the Upstairs Maid (feat. Mary Martin) [Music from the Motion Picture "Birth of the Blues"]Bing Crosby
    16Chicago Style (feat. Bob Hope) [Music from the Motion Picture "Road to Bali"]Bing Crosby
    17Back in the Old Routine (feat. Donald O'Connor)Bing Crosby
    17Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (feat. Mary Martin)Bing Crosby
    18Well, Did You Evah? (feat. Frank Sinatra) [Music from the Motion Picture "High Society"]Bing Crosby
    18I'll Capture Your Heart (feat. Fred Astaire) [Music from the "Motion Picture Holiday Inn"]Bing Crosby
    19Now You Has Jazz (feat. Louis Armstrong) [Music from the Motion Picture "High Society"]Bing Crosby
    19Oh, What a Beautiul Mornin' (feat. Trudy Erwin)Bing Crosby
    20True Love (feat. Grace Kelley)[Music from the Motion Picture "High Society"]Bing Crosby
    20Pistol Packin' Mama (feat. The Andrews Sisters)Bing Crosby
    21Swinging on a Star (feat. The Williams Brothers) [Music from the Motion Picture "Going My Way"]Bing Crosby
    21Medley: Brazil / Here We Are, Face to Face (feat. Rosemary Clooney)Bing Crosby
    22Fancy Meeting You Here (feat. Rosemary Clooney)Bing Crosby
    22Don't Fence Me In (feat. The Andrews Sisters)Bing Crosby
    23Medley: You Came Along Way from St. Louis / You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country (feat. Rosemary Clooney)Bing Crosby
    23My Baby Said "Yes" (feat. Louis Jordan) [Music from the Motion Picture "The Blond from Brooklyn"]Bing Crosby
    24Muskrat Ramble (feat. Louis Armstong)Bing Crosby
    24Mine (feat. Judy Garland)Bing Crosby
    25The Preacher (feat. Louis Armstong)Bing Crosby
    25Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive (feat. The Andrews Sisters) [Music form the Motion Picture "Here Come the Waves"]Bing Crosby
    26Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (feat. Louis Armstong)Bing Crosby
    26Put It There, Pal (feat. Bob Hope) [Music from the Motion Picture "Road to Utopia"]Bing Crosby
    27Along the Navajo Trail (feat. The Andrews Sisters)Bing Crosby

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