The Black Crowes

Cheat the odds that made you
Brave to try to gamble at times
Well I feel like dirty laundry
Sending sickness on down the line
Tell you why

[Chorus 1]
Cause I'm jealous, jealous again
Thought it time I let you in
Yeah, I'm jealous, jealous again
Got no time, baby

[Chorus 2]
Always drunk on Sunday
Tryin' to feel like I'm at home
Smell the gasoline burning
Boys out feeling nervous and cold

[Chorus 1]

Stop, understand me
I ain't afraid of losing face
Stop, understand me
I ain't afraid of ever losing faith in you

Never felt like smiling
Sugar want to' kill me yet
Find me loose lipped and laughing
Singing songs ain't got no regrets

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Don't you think I want to
Don't you think I would
Don't you think I'd tell you baby
If I only could
Am I acting crazy
Am I just too proud
Am I just plain lazy
Am I, am I, am I, ever

[Chorus 1]

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