Ride On / The Chess Masters 1960-1961
    • Ride On / The Chess Masters 1960-1961
    • Released in 2009
    • 54 Songs


    1Hey, Hey (What Are You Going To Do?)Bo Diddley
    1My White HorseBo Diddley
    2Hey, Hey (What Are You Going To Do?)Bo Diddley
    2Live My LifeBo Diddley
    3Scuttle BugBo Diddley
    3Can You Shimmy?Bo Diddley
    4I'm HungryBo Diddley
    4Love MeBo Diddley
    5Walkin' And Talkin'Bo Diddley
    5Hey Pretty BabyBo Diddley
    6Hey Pretty BabyBo Diddley
    6Mule TrainBo Diddley
    7Travelin' WestBo Diddley
    7Oh Yeah a/k/a Oh YesBo Diddley
    8Mule TrainBo Diddley
    8Huckleberry Bush (Hully Hully Gully)Bo Diddley
    9Come On Baby a/k/a The Soup MakerBo Diddley
    9Mule TrainBo Diddley
    10Merengue (Limbo)Bo Diddley
    10All TogetherBo Diddley
    11Say You WillBo Diddley
    11Watusi BounceBo Diddley
    12Say You WillBo Diddley
    12Mess AroundBo Diddley
    13Doodlin'Bo Diddley
    13Craw-DadBo Diddley
    14Ride On JosephineBo Diddley
    14Bo Didley Is An OutlawBo Diddley
    15Bo Didley Is An OutlawBo Diddley
    15No More Lovin'Bo Diddley
    16No More Lovin'Bo Diddley
    16AlohaBo Diddley
    17Do What I SayBo Diddley
    17Funny TalkBo Diddley
    18Doing The CrawdaddyBo Diddley
    18InstrumentalBo Diddley
    19Whoa Mule (Shine)Bo Diddley
    19Bring Them Back Alive (Funny Talk)Bo Diddley
    20CheyenneBo Diddley
    20When The Saints Go Marching InBo Diddley
    21ShankBo Diddley
    21Sixteen TonsBo Diddley
    22Googlia MooBo Diddley
    22The TwisterBo Diddley
    23Bo Diddley Is A LoverBo Diddley
    23Working ManBo Diddley
    24Love Is A SecretBo Diddley
    24Gun SlingerBo Diddley
    25SomewhereBo Diddley
    25Bo Diddley Is LooseBo Diddley
    26CongoBo Diddley
    27AztecBo Diddley
    28Call Me (Bo's Blues)Bo Diddley
    29Bo's VacationBo Diddley

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