Bob Dylan

I never dreamed there could be
A someone made just for me
And I'm letting her have her way
I'm here to see what she has to say
Ah, the poor girl always wins the day

I'm stayin' ahead of the game
And she's a-doin' the same
And the whiskey flyin' into my head
The fiddler's arm has gone dead
And talk is beginning to spread

When did our love go bad
Whatever happened to the best friend that I had
It's been so long since I held you tight
Been so long since we said good night

The taste of tears is bittersweet
When you're near me my heart forgets to beat
You're there every night among the good and the true
And I'll be 'round waiting for you

Well the king of them all is starting to fall
I lost my gal at the boatman's' ball
The night has a thousand hearts and eyes
Hope may vanish, but it never dies

I'll see you tomorrow when freedom rings
I'm gonna stay on top of things
It's the middle of summer and the moon is blue
And I'll be 'round waiting for you

Well, another deal gone down
Another man done gone
You put up with it all
And you carry on

Something holding you back
But you'll come through
I'd bet the world and everything in it on you
Happiness is but a state of mind

Anytime you want you can cross the state line
You don't need to be rich or well to do
I'll be 'round waiting for you

Written by D. ALLEN
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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