The Anthology
    • The Anthology
    • Released in 2008
    • 45 Songs


    1Sun Is ShiningBob Marley
    2Keep On MovingBob Marley
    3African HerbsmanBob Marley
    4Stand AloneBob Marley
    5Brain WashingBob Marley
    6Mr. BrownBob Marley
    7Rebels HopBob Marley
    8400 YearsBob Marley
    9Soul AlmightyBob Marley
    10Small AxeBob Marley
    11All In OneBob Marley
    12Stop The TrainBob Marley
    13CautionBob Marley
    14Soul CaptivesBob Marley
    15Rainbow CountryBob Marley
    16There She GoesBob Marley
    17Mellow MoodBob Marley
    18Treat You RightBob Marley
    19Chances AreBob Marley
    20HammerBob Marley
    21You Can't Do That To MeBob Marley
    22Touch MeBob Marley
    23How Many TimesBob Marley
    24Natural MysticBob Marley
    25Go Tell It On The MountainBob Marley
    26Can't You SeeBob Marley
    27Soon ComeBob Marley
    28Cheer UpBob Marley
    29Back OutBob Marley
    30Do It TwiceBob Marley
    31Don't Rock My BoatBob Marley
    32Put It OnBob Marley
    33Fussin' And Fightin'Bob Marley
    34Dupy ConquerorBob Marley
    35MemphisBob Marley
    36Riding HighBob Marley
    37KayaBob Marley
    38Soul RebelBob Marley
    39Try MeBob Marley
    40It's AlrightBob Marley
    41No SympathyBob Marley
    42My CupBob Marley
    43Corner StoneBob Marley
    44No WaterBob Marley
    45ReactionBob Marley

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