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Sing Along With Bob #2

Sing Along With Bob #2

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1If You're Happy And You Know It...Bob McGrath
2Shortin' BreadBob McGrath
3Who Built The Ark?Bob McGrath
4Three Blind MiceBob McGrath
5Old King ColeBob McGrath
6One Finger, One ThumbBob McGrath
7You Are My SunshineBob McGrath
8I Have Lost My UnderwearBob McGrath
9SoapBob McGrath
10Boom, Boom Ain't It Great To Be CrazyBob McGrath
11Little Tommy TinkerBob McGrath
12L'il Liza JaneBob McGrath
13The Hokey PokeyBob McGrath
14Let Everyone Clap Hands Like MeBob McGrath
15Sing When The Spirit Says SingBob McGrath
16I've Been Working On The RailwayBob McGrath
17Hush Little BabyBob McGrath
18You'll Sing A SongBob McGrath
19Mary Had A Little LambBob McGrath
20Old McDonald Had A FarmBob McGrath
21Little Peter RabbitBob McGrath
22Shake My Sillies OutBob McGrath
23Rig A Jig JigBob McGrath
24The Muffin ManBob McGrath
25Frere JacquesBob McGrath
26BingoBob McGrath
27Do Your Ears Hang Low?Bob McGrath
28Put Your Finger In The AirBob McGrath
29John Jacob Jingleheimer SchmidtBob McGrath
30Oh SusannaBob McGrath
31Ha Ha ThisawayBob McGrath
32London BridgeBob McGrath
33Twinkle Twinkle Little StarBob McGrath
34We've Got The Whole World In Our HandsBob McGrath

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