The Baby Record
    • The Baby Record
    • Released in 2005
    • 45 Songs


    1Ride Baby RideBob McGrath
    2Mother, Father And Uncle JohnBob McGrath
    3To Market To MarketBob McGrath
    4This Is The Way The Ladies RideBob McGrath
    5Baby A Go GoBob McGrath
    6Tommy O'FlynnBob McGrath
    7Rickety, Rickety Rocking HorseBob McGrath
    8Captain Go Side Track Your TrainBob McGrath
    9This Little Pig Goes To MarketBob McGrath
    10Round & Round The GardenBob McGrath
    11These Are Baby's FingersBob McGrath
    12Slowly, SlowlyBob McGrath
    13Let's Go To The WoodsBob McGrath
    14Come A Look A SeeBob McGrath
    15There Was A Little ManBob McGrath
    16Shoe The Old HorseBob McGrath
    17This Little Pig Had A Rub A Dub DubBob McGrath
    18This Little BabyBob McGrath
    19Riding On My PonyBob McGrath
    20Pop Goes The WeaselBob McGrath
    21Humpty DumptyBob McGrath
    221, 2, 3 Baby's On My KneeBob McGrath
    23One Is A GiantBob McGrath
    24Clap Your Hands Little SallyBob McGrath
    25Ring A Round The RosieBob McGrath
    26Row, Row, Row Your BoatBob McGrath
    27Listen To My DrumBob McGrath
    28Baa, Baa Black SheepBob McGrath
    29Hey Diddle DiddleBob McGrath
    30Shakers AwayBob McGrath
    31Ride A Cock Horse To Bambury CrossBob McGrath
    32I Can Play My DrumBob McGrath
    33Fee Fie Foe FumBob McGrath
    34Jack Be NimbleBob McGrath
    351, 2 Buckle My ShoeBob McGrath
    361, 2, 3, 4 Jingle At The Cottage DoorBob McGrath
    37Bell HorsesBob McGrath
    38Head And ShouldersBob McGrath
    39As I Was Walking To Town One DayBob McGrath
    40Let's Tap Our Legs TogetherBob McGrath
    41Rain Is Falling Down - Splash!Bob McGrath
    42Baa, Baa Black SheepBob McGrath
    43Starlight, StarbrightBob McGrath
    44Sleep My BabeBob McGrath
    45What'll I Do With My Baby-O?Bob McGrath

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