Bobby Sherman

She's an outbound mellow downed easy
feet on garden grounds sunny weather good time child
She's got a sweet warm break the storm custom
tailored angel form unrestricted open smile
Everyone around her is hung up with space and time
Still she stays a bright eyed child
With Christmas on her mind.

She doesn't have to talk a lot
Ain't you glad for what you got Pollyanna country dream
She's not above temptation of cloudy deep November love
Or pennies in a gum machine
Even in the summer she can see the signs
To keep her on the honest road
With Christmas on her mind.

She goes down points of view on anybody's avenue
Lookin' for the sweeter side
She's a knock on wood look for good crimson ribbon riding hood
Groovin' on the down hill ride
Weavin' thru the arguments in delicate designs
with rainbows at her open door
And Christmas on her mind

Oh, rainbows at her open door and Christmas on her mind.

Written by LIND, BOB
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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