Bobby Short

You can't be much surprised to hear I think you're sweller than swell
But granting all your virtues, Dear, you've certain feelings as well
You don't sing enough, you don't dance enough
You don't drink the great wines of France enough
You're not wild enough
You're not gay enough
You don't let me lead you astray enough
You don't live enough, you don't dare enough
You don't give enough, you don't care enough
You don't make my sad life sunny enough
Yet, sweetheart, funny enough

I've got you on my mind
Although I'm disinclined,
You're not so hot, you,
But I've got you on my mind

I'd thank the gods above
If I could only love
Somebody not you
But I've got you on my mind

Let my poor upset leisure be
Otherwise my pet treasure be

And arrange to let pleasure be
A bit less refined.

For, darling, not until
I get that famous thrill
Will I be resigned
I've got you on my mind

Written by PORTER, COLE
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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