Bobby V

[ Bobby ]
Bobby V
Dark child uh
We doing it like this right here
Check this out

Can't believe you chose to start the night this way
We were just about to go out
Then you said wait baby no sit down
Baby girl, I just knew right then
Something was wrong with ya
You said I can't be with ya

Then it started to feel like my heart jumped out my chest
Felt like I lost my breath
This is not how its supposed to be baby
The story has just begun
We've only turned the page once
And trust me this is such a beautiful one

[Chorus: x2]
You don't have to turn the page
I've read this story*
It ends with you and me
You don't have to walk away
The story will change
Baby please don't turn the page

[Repeat x4]
Don't turn it, don't turn it don't
Baby please don't turn the page

No don't give it up
Try to believe what I'm seeing in us
Don't front
Girl you know I could possibly be the one
And I know you might be stuck in the past
But I wanna give you my heart to make it all better
All he took you through
I would never do that to you
He made it so hard for me to love you

But I'm here now
How can I make it clear now
Story ain't over not now
I can't let you end this now baby


As if it wasn't enough
I got the ring in my truck
I been plannin' all week to get on one knee
Baby this just ain't you
I know that he hurt you
And we're nothing alike, I'll prove it all tonight
And you know I love you
And everything would be cool
And you'll say you love me
And forget all your pain
You know this is true
I'm doin' all this for you
So ending it all,
You don't have to!


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