Punker Than You Since '92
    • Punker Than You Since '92
    • Released in 2006
    • 75 Songs


    1A History of SnakesBoyracer
    1Black Fantastic Splitting (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    2They're Making Money of YouBoyracer
    2Turquiose MoodBoyracer
    3Doorframe (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    3Who Pissed on Yr Bonfire?Boyracer
    4Yr Breaking His HeartBoyracer
    42nd Hand YouthBoyracer
    5Yr Unspoken DesiresBoyracer
    59 To 5 StyleBoyracer
    6I've Got It... (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    6Lou and GedBoyracer
    7Twisted LoveBoyracer
    7The 90s Are ThruBoyracer
    8On Bleached GrassBoyracer
    8West Riding House (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    9Sarah and SarahBoyracer
    10(It Just Fell Down the) Back of a FridgeBoyracer
    10He Gets Me So Hard (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    11Absence Makes The Heart Grow HarderBoyracer
    12Beautiful Lines (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    12Everyday Is Saturday NightBoyracer
    13Pop HolidayBoyracer
    14You've Squandered Yr TalentBoyracer
    14Boy racerBoyracer
    15Billy ThreeBoyracer
    15Is It Me or Is It Cold?Boyracer
    16Small Consolation (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    17Ghosts In JapanBoyracer
    18Patric Walker (from the 1st ever Boyracer demo session! Aborted debut single)Boyracer
    18Words Are Yr CurrencyBoyracer
    19Friend for LifeBoyracer
    19Warmest HoursBoyracer
    20EJK (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    20Tell Me Where My Hands Should GoBoyracer
    21Good Things Come To Those Who WaitBoyracer
    22Denatured (4 track demo)Boyracer
    22I Thought Even More of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me DeadBoyracer
    23Naked (demo version)Boyracer
    23Louise Boyracer
    24Where To Place Yr TrustBoyracer
    25Boxing DayBoyracer
    25Yr Static FlameBoyracer
    26It's a Long Way To Go To Lose More Than Loose ChangeBoyracer
    26Wanting for All the Wrong Reasons (re-recorded version)Boyracer
    27Fool AroundBoyracer
    28We Have Such GiftsBoyracer
    30The Sadness In YouBoyracer
    31That Boy Yr With Is a DickBoyracer
    32Stars and Car ParksBoyracer
    33Wholly GenericBoyracer
    34A Chipped Tooth and Greasy FingersBoyracer
    35Secret Jokes (10" version)Boyracer
    36We Are Pure ChromeBoyracer
    37The Man the MythBoyracer
    39Vinegar EveningsBoyracer
    40How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage?Boyracer
    41Toilets of Northern EuropeBoyracer
    42A Punch Up the BracketBoyracer
    43Careful What You Wish ForBoyracer
    44When I Was a Blonde and You a BrunetteBoyracer
    45Now I Have EverythingBoyracer

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