That Year

That Year

Brandi Carlile

I must have been sleeping, I must have been drinking,
I haven't been dreaming about you for years. there was a sharp
Turn and a sunburn I was too cool for high school that year.

Must have have been new years. no one invited you,
Took things too far but I missed you and your antics.
You were lonesome and blue-eyed and so special to us.

You could have taken a long break
Instead of a long drop from a high place.
Ten years I never spoke your name.
Now it feels good to say it. your my friend again.

Said he forgave you, I said I hated you,
He was the bigger man, I was sixteen.
All the innocence it took well I guess
You finally made the year book.
That year.
That year.

You should have taken a long break instead of a long drop,
Instead of a leap of faith, ten years I never spoke your name.
Now it feels good to say that your my friend again.
Your my friend again.

I was angry, I was a baptist, I was a daughter, I was wrong.

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