If I could have your heart
I sho would love ya
I love you more
Than I could love myself
Mountain high or the valley low
You have no idea just how far I'd go
Hey yeah

I go put on my good clothes
And I sing and dance
I take the time
I take the chance
I'll make ya laugh
I'll make you cry
I'ma tell you like this
If you ask me why

[Chorus: x2]
It's all because I love ya
I do
I got to be necessary to you
Hope your eyes are wide open
You'll see
That your love is necessary
To me

When I sing you know what I do?
I close my eyes and I think of you
When I wake up
I'll like to see
How much more you
Become proud of me

I get excited
My eyes tear
It gives me purpose
For being here
I'll walk the desert
And I'll swim the sea
As long as when I get there
Your in love with me

[Chorus: x2]

See life is so very, very short
Ya love has givin' me meanin'
Say that ya love me
(Say that ya love me)
I pray that ya love me
(Pray that ya love me)

Cause I know if I
Just hear you say it
I can make it through
The rest of the day
Say that ya love me
(Say it baby)
I pray that ya love me

[Chorus: x2]

This be the truest ish
Ever spoke
I feel naked singing every note
In my heart, happy, quick take down this note
This be the truest ish
Ever wrote

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