Perlman plays Klezmer

    Perlman plays Klezmer
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    • Perlman plays Klezmer


    1Reb Itzik's NignItzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    1Bukovina 212Brave Old World
    2Simkhes Toyre TimeItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    2Lekho NeranenoItzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    3Flatbush WaltzItzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    3Doina NaftuleItzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    4Wedding MedleyItzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    4A Hora mit BranfnItzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    5Dybbuk ShersItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    5Healthy Baby Girl HoraItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    6Basarabye (Bessarabia")Itzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    6Golem TantsItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    7Firn Di MekhutonimItzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    7Honga EncoreItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    8Tati Un mama Tants ("Mom and Dad's Dance")Itzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    8NignItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    9Fisherlid/ Klezmatics KhosidlItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    9Bulgars/The KissItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    10Der Alter Bulgar ("The Old-Time Bulgar & Prelude")Itzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    10Meron Nign/In the SukkeItzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    11Ale Brider ("We Are All Brothers")Itzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    11Sholom AleykhemItzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    12HongaItzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    12KhaitermaItzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    13Doyna & SkotshmaItzhak Perlman/Brave Old World
    13Andy's RideItzhak Perlman/Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
    14Der Heyser Bulgar ("The Hot Bulgar")Itzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    14A Heymisher Bulgar/Wedding DanceItzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    15Di Gayster ("The Spirits")Itzhak Perlman/The Klezmatics
    15Kale Bazetsn (Seating the Bride/Kusidl) (Khasidic Dance)Itzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    16Fun TashlikhItzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    17A Yingele fun Poyln (A young man from Poland)/Di Mame is Gesangen in Mark Arayn (Mother went to market)Itzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band
    18Processional/Klezmer Suite/Ale BriderItzhak Perlman/Klezmer Conservatory Band

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