Death by Salt II: A SLUG Magazine Compilation
    • Death by Salt II: A SLUG Magazine Compilation
    • Released in 2003
    • 42 Songs


    1Vile Blue Shades – Under Watchful EyeVile Blue Shades
    2Le Force – EnviroVarious Artists
    3Form of Rocket – Dar un LuzForm of Rocket
    4Pleasure Thieves – Seratonin BlueVarious Artists
    5Beard of Solitude – This All Just Leaves Me WorriedVarious Artists
    6I am Electric – Shocking is My VisageVarious Artists
    7The Heaters – The JonesHeaters
    8Flying Missiles – You Tore My Heart OutVarious Artists
    9The Wolfs – Finding My Way HomeThe Wolfs
    10Red Bennies – For the Sake of That Empty SpaceThe Red Bennies
    11Longarm – Ouros Buros is BrokeVarious Artists
    12Starmy – BerzerkerStarmy
    13Tolchock Trio – Our Lady of Good CounselTolchock Trio
    14Buttery Muffins – Twenty-FourVarious Artists
    15Andale – Hit the GroundVarious Artists
    16Thunderfist – Sleep When I’m DeadThunderfist
    17Morlocks – LiesVarious Artists
    18Andy/ Curtis/ Peter/ Sean – Hot TundraVarious Artists
    19Smashy Smashy – Jack It DayVarious Artists
    20Gaza – Sluts Fuck BetterGaza
    21Union of the Snake – Kind Theives, Rapists and GentlemenVarious Artists
    22Fifi Murmur – Message from the GraveVarious Artists
    23The Breaks – White LilyVarious Artists
    24Sleeping Bag – Ex-BlackholeSleeping Bag
    25Onetimepad – Test 3Various Artists
    26The Horns—Broadcast MaleVarious Artists
    27Agape – NeonAgape
    28Lollipop Guild – Are You Done Yet?Various Artists
    29Rope or Bullets – Car ChasesRope or Bullets
    30Purr Bats – Alaughing Til They Bepissed ThemselvesPurr Bats
    31Mushman – Eddie’s BalloonMushman
    32Silvox – JadedVarious Artists
    33Coyote Hoods – Bloody LipVarious Artists
    34Bronco – Deep WatersBronco
    3524-oz. Can – The Ghost of Porter RockwellVarious Artists
    36Assault & Batteries (Bad Brad Wheeler) – Alkaline CricketsVarious Artists
    37A. Vanvranken – OffVarious Artists
    38COSM feat. Rameses –Switch Lanes (Midnight Highway Mix)Cosm
    39Deadbeats – Subsequential SpaceDeadbeats
    40Perception Cleanse Perception – The EffectPerception Cleanse Perception
    41Redemption – AfterburnRedemption
    42AODL – Rubber Dress FireVarious Artists

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