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1CyclopsBruce Dickinson
1Trumpets of JerichoBruce Dickinson
1CyclopsBruce Dickinson
2Shoot All the ClownsBruce Dickinson
2King In CrimsonBruce Dickinson
21000 Points of LightBruce Dickinson
3Son of a GunBruce Dickinson
3Born In '58Bruce Dickinson
3Chemical WeddingBruce Dickinson
4Gates of UrizenBruce Dickinson
4Gods of WarBruce Dickinson
4Tears of the DragonBruce Dickinson
5Killing FloorBruce Dickinson
51000 Points of LightBruce Dickinson
5Change of HeartBruce Dickinson
6Sacred CowboysBruce Dickinson
6Laughing In the Hiding BushBruce Dickinson
6Book of ThelBruce Dickinson
7Tears of the DragonBruce Dickinson
7Tattooed MillionaireBruce Dickinson
7Hell NoBruce Dickinson
8Born In '58Bruce Dickinson
8Tears of the DragonBruce Dickinson
8Laughing In the Hiding BushBruce Dickinson
9Shoot All the ClownsBruce Dickinson
9FireBruce Dickinson
9Accident of BirthBruce Dickinson
10Sacred CowboysBruce Dickinson
10The TowerBruce Dickinson
10Change of HeartBruce Dickinson
11Darkside of AquariusBruce Dickinson
11Hell NoBruce Dickinson
11Son of a GunBruce Dickinson
12Road To HellBruce Dickinson
12Tattooed MillionaireBruce Dickinson
12Laughing In the Hiding BushBruce Dickinson

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