Intersections 1985-2005
    • Intersections 1985-2005
    • Released in 2006
    • 53 Songs


    1The Way It IsBruce Hornsby
    1Song A (Instrumental)Bruce Hornsby
    1The Show Goes OnBruce Hornsby
    1Resting Place (Live Version)Bruce Hornsby
    2Mandolin RainBruce Hornsby
    2Song B (Instrumental)Bruce Hornsby
    2Barren GroundBruce Hornsby & the Range
    2Preacher In The Ring, Part IBruce Hornsby
    3The Valley RoadBruce Hornsby
    3Song C (Instrumental)Bruce Hornsby
    3A Night On The TownBruce Hornsby
    3Preacher In The Ring, Part IIBruce Hornsby
    4Jacob's LadderBruce Hornsby
    4Song DBruce Hornsby
    4Talk Of The TownBruce Hornsby
    4Fortunate Son/Comfortably NumbBruce Hornsby
    5Nobody There But MeBruce Hornsby
    5Variations On Swan Song & Song D (Instrumental)Bruce Hornsby
    5Rainbow's CadillacBruce Hornsby
    5Sneaking Up On Boo RadleyBruce Hornsby
    6The End Of The InnocenceBruce Hornsby
    6Song FBruce Hornsby
    6Pastures of PlentyBruce Hornsby
    6ShadowhandBruce Hornsby
    7Look Out Any WindowBruce Hornsby
    7Song HBruce Hornsby
    7Spider Fingers/Tempus FugitBruce Hornsby
    7Sticks & StonesBruce Hornsby
    8Across The RiverBruce Hornsby & the Range
    8Barcelona Mona (Instrumental)Bruce Hornsby and Branford Marsalis
    8White Wheeled Limousine/Long Black VeilBruce Hornsby
    8The ChillBruce Hornsby
    9Lost SoulBruce Hornsby
    9BackhandBruce Hornsby
    9King Of The Hill/Twelve Tone Tune/Mystery TrainBruce Hornsby
    9The Good LifeBruce Hornsby
    10Fields Of Gray/That's Where It's AtBruce Hornsby
    10Jack StrawBruce Hornsby & the Range
    10What The Hell Happened (Edited Version)Bruce Hornsby
    11Walk In The Sun (Remastered 2003)Bruce Hornsby
    11Madman Across The WaterBruce Hornsby & the Range
    11Hooray For Tom Bruce Hornsby
    12Charles Ives Study #22 (Excerpt)/Gonna Be Some Changes Made (Live From Town Hall Audio)Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers
    12Darlin' CoryRicky Skaggs
    12Candy Mountain RunBruce Hornsby
    13Dreamland Bruce Hornsby
    13The Valley RoadThe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    14Crown Of JewelsBruce Hornsby
    15Big StickBruce Hornsby
    16The Valley RoadGrateful Dead
    17Hop, Skip and JumpBruce Hornsby
    18Love Me StillBruce Hornsby
    19ShadowlandBruce Hornsby

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