Wasted youth and mad as hell
My friends keep asking me
Are you ok, man, you're eyes are glazin'
I can't get over it
This shit is killing me
My body's achin', hands are shakin'

I'm cutting down you heard the line
Whiskey in the morning one more time
Hit that cigarette Colt 45
Whiskey in the morning
can't stop drinkin' gonna die.
I can't stop thinkin' how
Where I was before the drugs
A young day dreamer, fixed on screamers
Still really loved the life
Drinking, snorting, smoking high
Super jaded, loaded, hated

I go out every night
Helpless secrets lifeless eyes
Tore up, faded
No give taken
Still really love the life
Drinking, snorting, smoking highs
Sweet leaf space case
Hands are shakin'


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