Wild Streak Volume 1
    • Wild Streak Volume 1
    • Released in 2012
    • 50 Songs


    1Ain't Nobody Gonna Take My Place (Sonnet 2960)Various Artists
    2My Little Ruby (Del Fi 4126)Various Artists
    3Homicide (Hep 2146)Various Artists
    4Cruisin' (Nu Phi 367)Various Artists
    5Sixth Solid Baby (Academy 434)Various Artists
    6Jitterbugging Baby (Kliff 105)David Ray
    7Crazy Daisy (Satin 100)Various Artists
    8Pink Cadillac (Spinning 6009)Various Artists
    9Teen Twist (Vern 9224)Buddy Miller
    10Wild Streak (Capitol 4283)Johnny Fallin
    11Orbit (The Spy) (Orbit 106)Paul Revere & the Raiders
    12Yea Yea Come Another Day (Crest 1053)Tony Casanova
    13Get With It (Future 2201)Various Artists
    14Untrue (Sentry 1066)Various Artists
    15Everybody's Trying (Murco 1016)Various Artists
    16Where The Rio De Rosa Flows (Columbia LP 1234)Carl Perkins
    17Marlene (Gaity 113)The Sonics
    18Puppet (Kat 100)Various Artists
    19Horace (Roulette LP 25078)Various Artists
    20Tough Tough Tough (Century 601)Andy Anderson
    21Black Cadillac (Vaden 112)Various Artists
    22Machine Gun (Challenge 59058)2The Riptides
    23Nancy Lynne (Dot 15773)Various Artists
    24She's My Baby (Marlin 6067)Steve Alaimo
    25She's My Witch (Ebb 154)Kip Tyler
    26Screamin' Mimi Jeanie (Profile 4010)Mickey Hawks
    27You Don't Love Me Anymore (Spry 113)Various Artists
    28Somethin' Baby (Lee 100)Various Artists
    29Something Special (Venture 111)Various Artists
    30Mercy (Columbia 4-41149)Various Artists
    31Dateless Night (Moon 302)Various Artists
    32Clock Tickin' Rhythm (King 5116)Various Artists
    33The Itch (Tene 1000)Various Artists
    34What's The Word (Roselawn 501)Various Artists
    35Go Little Go Cat (Challenge 59021)Various Artists
    36You Know Baby (Rhythm 5001/ABC 9902)Various Artists
    37Save Me Your Love (Major 1002)Various Artists
    38Go Girl Go (Design 811)Various Artists
    39Janet (Fredlo 5901)Jerry Martin
    40Dis A Itty Bit! (Fraternity 803)Various Artists
    41Rattle Shakin' Mama (Rocket 101)Various Artists
    42Okie's In The Pokie (Hilligan 01)Various Artists
    43This Must Be The Place (Decca 30958)Ronnie Self
    44Rock-Tick-Tock (TNT 161)Various Artists
    45Tick Tock (Big Red 102)Various Artists
    46Knockin' On Your Door (Herald 45-1432)Various Artists
    47Rockin' Baby (Tri Dec 25725)Various Artists
    48Stampede (Prince 1207)The Scarlets
    49Jo Ann-Jo Ann (Blue Moon 408)Various Artists
    50One More Chance (Whammy 7449)Various Artists

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