The Folk Collection Volume One

The Folk Collection Volume One

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  • The Folk Collection Volume One


1The FoxBurl Ives
2The Three Jolly HuntsmenBurl Ives
3The Erie CanalBurl Ives
4My Good Old ManBurl Ives
5Old Dan TuckerBurl Ives
6Wooly Boogie BeeBurl Ives
7Blue Tail FlyBurl Ives
8The Boll WeevilBurl Ives
9Let's Go HuntingBurl Ives
10Goober PeasBurl Ives
11Aunt RhodyBurl Ives
12Killigrew's SorieeBurl Ives
13Big Rock Candy MountainBurl Ives
14I'm Goin' Down the RoadBurl Ives
15The Little White DuckBurl Ives
16The Little Engine That CouldBurl Ives
17Mr Froggie Went A-Courtin'Burl Ives
18The Donut SongBurl Ives
19Two Little OwlsBurl Ives
20Fooba Wooba JohnBurl Ives
21The Grey GooseBurl Ives
22The WhaleBurl Ives
23Buckeye JimBurl Ives
24The Sow Took the MeaslesBurl Ives
25The Goat and the TrainBurl Ives
26Mt RabbitBurl Ives
27The Tailor and the MouseBurl Ives
28Mother Goose SongsBurl Ives
29Mocking Bird HillBurl Ives
30The Long Black VeilBurl Ives
31DeliaBurl Ives
32Forty Hour WeekBurl Ives
33I Walk the LineBurl Ives
34Royal TelephoneBurl Ives
35ShanghiedBurl Ives
36Lenora, Let You Hair Hang DownBurl Ives
37A Little Bitty TearBurl Ives
38Oh, My SideBurl Ives
39Mama Don't Want No Peas An' Rice An' Cocoanut OilBurl Ives
40The Almighty Dollar BillBurl Ives
41Home on the RangeBurl Ives
42When the Bloom Is on the SageBurl Ives
43Cool WaterBurl Ives
44Empty SaddlesBurl Ives
45Mexicali RoseBurl Ives
46The Oregan TrailBurl Ives
47The Last RoundupBurl Ives
48O Bury Me Not on the Lone PrairieBurl Ives
49Cowboy's DreamBurl Ives
50Tumbling TumbleweedsBurl Ives
51My Adobe HaciendaBurl Ives
52Jingle Jangle JingleBurl Ives
53Funny Way of Laughin'Burl Ives
54Sixteen Fathoms DownBurl Ives
55Brooklyn BridgeBurl Ives
56Ninety Nine YearsBurl Ives
57Thumbin' Johnny BrownBurl Ives
58I Ain't Comin' Home TonightBurl Ives
59What You Gonna Do, LeroyBurl Ives
60In Foggy Old LondonBurl Ives
61That's All I Can RememberBurl Ives
62Mother Wouldn't Do ThatBurl Ives
63Poor Little JimmieBurl Ives
64Call Me Mr. In-BetweenBurl Ives
65Mary Ann RegretsBurl Ives
66Curry RoadBurl Ives
67The Moon Is HighBurl Ives
68How Do You Fall out of LoveBurl Ives
69BustedBurl Ives
70Poor Boy in a Rich Man's TownBurl Ives
71The Same Old HurtBurl Ives
72I'm the BossBurl Ives
73The BlizzardBurl Ives
74She Didn't Let the Ink Dry on the PaperBurl Ives
75Green TurtleBurl Ives
76Holding Hands for JoeBurl Ives
77Sunshine in My SoulBurl Ives
78Where He Leads MeBurl Ives
79Will There Be Any StarsBurl Ives
80Blessed AssuranceBurl Ives
81We're Marching to ZionBurl Ives
82Standing on the PromisesBurl Ives
83Beulah LandBurl Ives
84When They Ring Those Golden BellsBurl Ives
85Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsBurl Ives
86Let the Lower Lights Be BurningBurl Ives
87Bring Them InBurl Ives
88Fairest Lord JesusBurl Ives

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