Nothin' Down

Nothin' Down

Buzz Carlton

Nothin Down

Everybody knows the cost of living has gone sky high
And more and more its getting harder to just get by
But sometimes you pay less for something that?s really the best

In a world of people living from day to day
Gotta make those payments they just gotta find a way
But if you let me be your man Ill work up a finance plan

Like nothin down and your love every day
Nothin down and thats all you pay
The prices these days are rough
And the competition is tough
I said nothin down nothin down

I went to the banker today to try to get a loan
He asked me how much money I had and if I owned my own home
But baby Im not that way we can work out a deal today


Talkin bout nothin down dont you worry baby
aint gona cost you one red dime nothin down
Ill be around to collect nothin down

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