Solid Bond: The Complete Discography

Solid Bond: The Complete Discography

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  • Solid Bond: The Complete Discography


1Set Your GoalsCIV
1Secondhand SuperstarCIV
2Big GirlCIV
2Do SomethingCIV
3Itchycoo ParkCIV
3So Far, So Good... So WhatCIV
4Haven't Been Myself In a WhileCIV
4State of GraceCIV
5Can't WaIt One Minute MoreCIV
6Shout ItCIV
6Trust Slips Through Your HandsCIV
7Gang OpinionCIV
7Owner's ManualCIV
8Something SpecialCIV
8Choices MadeCIV
9Using Someone ElseCIV
9Solid BondCIV
10It's Not Your FaultCIV
10Marching GoalsCIV
11Living LifeCIV
11United KidsCIV
12Soundtrack for ViolenceCIV
13Boring SummerCIV
13LIttle MenCIV
14Et Tu Brute?CIV
14Worm's Eye ViewCIV
15All TwistedCIV
15Secondhand Superstar (Demo)CIV
16Haven't Been Myself In a While (Demo)CIV
16Don't Got to Prove ItCIV
17Everyday (Demo)CIV
18Hard Times Are the Best TimesCIV
19Social ClimberCIV
21Don't Got to Prove It (Live)CIV
22Can't Wait One Minute More (Live)CIV
23United Kids (Live)CIV
24Soundtrack for Violence (Live)CIV
25Can't WaIt One Minute More (Rehearsal Session)CIV

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