Best of The Hi Dee Hi Guy

Best of The Hi Dee Hi Guy

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1Minnie the MoocherCab Calloway
2Jumpin JiveCab Calloway
3She's Tall She's Tan She's TerrificCab Calloway
4The HoneydripperCab Calloway
5The Hi Dee Ho Man That's MeCab Calloway
6Swing Swing SwingCab Calloway
7Zah Zu ZazCab Calloway
8I'm Always in The Mood For YouCab Calloway
9Beale Street MamaCab Calloway
10The Man From HarlemCab Calloway
11Gotta Right To Sing The BluesCab Calloway
12The Lady With The FanCab Calloway
13Harlem Camp MeetingCab Calloway
14MoonglowCab Calloway
15JitterbugCab Calloway
16MargieCab Calloway
17Chinese RyhthmCab Calloway
18Keep That Hi Dee Hi In Your SoulCab Calloway
19Baby Won't You Please Come HomeCab Calloway
20I Ain't Got NobodyCab Calloway
21Blues in the NightCab Calloway
22Rhapsody in RhumbaCab Calloway
23I Got The World On a StringCab Calloway
24A Chicken Ain't Nothing But a BirdCab Calloway
25You Rascal YouCab Calloway
26Jive Page One of The Hepster's DictionaryCab Calloway
27The Ghost of Smokey JoeCab Calloway
28Do You Wanna Jump ChildrenCab Calloway
29Sweet Georgia BrownCab Calloway
30Chilli Con CongaCab Calloway
31The Boogie WoogieCab Calloway
32Savage RyhthmCab Calloway
33Mama I Wanna Make RyhthmCab Calloway
34At The Clambake CarnivalCab Calloway

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