Jazz Goes Jewish
    • Jazz Goes Jewish
    • Released in 2011
    • 28 Songs


    1A Chesene in ShetlVarious Artists
    2A Kosher Fox Trot Medley (Petticoat Lane) Part 1.Various Artists
    3A Kosher Fox Trot Medley (Petticoat Lane) Part 2Various Artists
    4And the Angels SingBenny Goodman
    5Bei Mir Mist Do Schon (Means That You're Grand)The Andrew Sisters
    6Bei Mir Mist Du SchoenZiggy Elman
    7Bei Mir Mist Du SchoenBenny Goodman
    8Bei Mir Mist Du Schon (Means That You're Grand)Various Artists
    9BublitchkiVarious Artists
    10Chasene LiedVarious Artists
    11Der Millionaire Fun Delancy StreetVarious Artists
    12Frailich in Swin (And The Angels Sing)Various Artists
    13Mahzel (Means Good Luck)Benny Goodman
    14Mister Gallagher And Mister SheanPaul Whiteman & His Orchestra
    15Ot A Dus Vil Ich (That's Just What I Want)Various Artists
    16PalesteenaVarious Artists
    17PalesteenaOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band
    18Raisins and Almonds (Rosinkes Mit Mandlen)Various Artists
    19Roumania Roumania. Part 1.Aaron Lebedoff
    20Roumania Roumania. Part 2.Aaron Lebedoff
    21Second Hand RoseVarious Artists
    22The Draidel SongVarious Artists
    23The Golden WeddingWoody Herman
    24The Wedding SambaVarious Artists
    25Tzatski KozatskiVarious Artists
    26Utt Da Zay (The Tailor's Song)Cab Calloway
    27Voch. Tioch. Tioch.Various Artists
    28Yiddish Square DanceVarious Artists

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