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The Chu & Dizzy Years

The Chu & Dizzy Years

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  • The Chu & Dizzy Years


1I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A ChanceCab Calloway
1For The Last Time I Cried Over YouCab Calloway
2Twee Twee TweetCab Calloway
2Bye Bye BluesCab Calloway
3Pluckin' The BassCab Calloway
3Papa's In Bed With His Britches OnCab Calloway
4I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere FastCab Calloway
4Silly Old MoonCab Calloway
5Chili Con CongaCab Calloway
5Boo Wah, Boo WahCab Calloway
6SunsetCab Calloway
6Tarzan Of HarlemCab Calloway
7Jiveformation, PleaseCab Calloway
7Yo Eta CansaCab Calloway
8VuelvaCab Calloway
8Cupid's NightmareCab Calloway
9A Bee GizendtCab Calloway
9Levee LullabyCab Calloway
10Give, Baby, GiveCab Calloway
10Are You Hep To The JiveCab Calloway
11Sincere LoveCab Calloway
11Goin' CongaCab Calloway
12Do It AgainCab Calloway
12Hot AirCab Calloway
13Lonesome NightsCab Calloway
13Pickin The CabbageCab Calloway
14A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A BirdCab Calloway
14Chop Chop Charlie ChanCab Calloway
15The Worker's TrainCab Calloway
15ParadiddleCab Calloway
16Boog ItCab Calloway
16North Of The MohawkCab Calloway
17Make Yourself At HomeCab Calloway
17Calling All BarsCab Calloway
18Run Little RabbitCab Calloway
18Do I Care, No NoCab Calloway
19Willow, Weep For MeCab Calloway
19The Lone ArrangerCab Calloway
20Feelin' Tip TopCab Calloway
20You Are The One In My HeartCab Calloway
21Topsy TurvyCab Calloway
21All You All ReetCab Calloway
22Ebony SilhouetteCab Calloway
22Hi Di Hi SerenadeCab Calloway
23Hep Cat Love SongCab Calloway
23Who's YehoodiCab Calloway
24Jonah Joins The CabCab Calloway
24Fifteen Minute IntermissionCab Calloway
25Geechie JoeCab Calloway
25Rhapsody In RhumbaCab Calloway
26Special DeliveryCab Calloway
26Come On With The "Come On"Cab Calloway

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